Le Grand Elille 2

1 499,00 €

Tuotekoodi: 000734

Meet our electric innovation! E-engine supported bicycle that makes pedaling easy, yet still demands you to push the pedals if you want to move forward. ELILLE 2 is supported with a Bafang 250 Watts engine neatly located in the front wheel hub. The Bafang 43V/10,4Ah battery attached to the rack takes approx. 6,5h to charge and it will allow you to ride for around 120 km. Control panel attached to the steering will allows you to choose from 5 different modes of support and will inform you about the battery level. You can also control the lighting level, which by default adjust to the natural light. Additional the panel will show you information about your ride, like speed, distance, support level, etc. The system is also equipped in a Walk Assist function that supports you whilst walking the bike. Battery: Bafang BT C01.450.UART. 43V/10,4Ah Display: Bafang LCD, DP C10.UART Engine: Bafang FM G310.250 43V,250W, integrated controller